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The Nik George Story

For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with sports. I was raised by a single mother who did everything she could to help me realize my athletic dreams, despite having to work around the clock to raise my sisters and I. When I was old enough to enroll in the local community basketball program, I begged my mother to let me join it. I remember her taking me to the local recreation centre to sign up. What stuck out to me in this process was us having to fill out a few more forms than most of the other families. My mother explained to me that because we weren't as well off as some of the other families, we had to get help from KidSport to pay the registration fees. Though I was young, I distinctly remember feeling grateful for an organization that gave kids like me the opportunity to play team sports. Through sports, I've been given invaluable gifts such as strong mentors, leadership skills, and lifelong friends. These gifts have been crucial in my life's journey, enabling me to graduate from university and navigate a professional career at the City of Edmonton.  I still feel so much gratitude towards KidSport Edmonton to this day, which is why I choose to volunteer on one of their Event Committees.

Thank you Nik George

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What is the KidSport Back to Sport Project?

Amateur sport has returned to Alberta, as part of Stage 2 of Alberta’s economic relaunch, and KidSport is here to help. The pandemic has significantly impacted the lives of all youth in Alberta, and sport will be an important part of their physical and mental recovery. KidSport provides funding so all kids can play, and the dollars raised in the Back to Sport Project will ensure no kid is left behind during COVID-19 recovery.

The Back to Sport project aims to recover the over $1.5 million in revenue KidSport chapters across the province have lost since March due to cancelled fundraising events. These funds will allow KidSport to give the gift of sport to over 6,000 kids, ensuring that they can once again experience the lifelong benefits of organized sport. These funds will also give a much needed boost to our local sports economy which has also suffered greatly during the last few months.  The funds are directed back into local sport clubs in the form of much needed registration fees which allow these programs to operate while also giving KidSport kids a place to play!

Albertans have experienced significant economic hardship over the last four months, and as a result KidSport’s 37 chapters are all anticipating increased demand for fee assistance, as more families than ever are eligible to receive funds from their local chapter.

Individuals and corporations are asked to donate to their local KidSport chapter, to assist their community’s COVID-19 recovery. All dollars raised in a community stay local, as funds are distributed by community staff and volunteers to local kids. Individual support for the Back to Sport campaign starts at just $10/ month, and corporate support of all forms is welcomed at KidSport is an RCAAA and qualified donee as per the CRA, so all eligible donations will receive tax receipts.

KidSport provides funding for families to overcome financial barriers to organized sport. Sport keeps kids healthy - both physically and mentally - and teaches the life skills they need to become successful, productive adults.

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